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Ushna Shah’s husband labeled ‘stepbrother’ of Shaheen Shah Afridi

Actress Ushna Shah’s husband, Hamza Amin, found himself at the center of attention when a netizen on Instagram questioned whether he was the “stepbrother” of Pakistan T20 captain Shaheen Shah Afridi.

This inquiry emerged in response to Ushna’s recent post, where she shared a collection of pictures taken at various locations, including some featuring her and Hamza.

One of the netizens reacted to the recent post by Ushna Shah, which she shared on Instagram. In the comments section of the post, one of the followers called Ushna’s husband as the ‘’stepbrother’’ Shaheen Shah Afridi. The netizen wrote, ‘’Is he the stepbrother of Shaheen Shah Afridi (Shaheen Shah ka sutela bhai ha kya)?”

Ushna Shah

In one of the images, Ushna is seen soaking up some sun to get her dose of vitamin C, while another captures her holding luggage, perhaps indicating travel. Meanwhile, another photo showcases Hamza Amin engrossed in studying for his thesis, providing a glimpse into his academic pursuits.

Ushna Shah, renowned for her role in the popular drama “Balaa,” boasts a substantial following of over three million on her Instagram handle. The intriguing comment about Hamza’s relationship with Shaheen Shah Afridi added a unique touch to the online conversation surrounding Ushna’s posts.

Pakistan Government Raises Concerns With UK Press Over Essay Linked To Detained Imran Khan

Meanwhile, Caretaker Information Minister Murtaza Solangi announced on Friday that the government plans to address a British publication, The Economist, regarding an essay purportedly written by incarcerated PTI founder Imran Khan. Imran, convicted in the Toshakhana case on August 5, received a three-year sentence, later suspended by the Islamabad High Court on August 28. However, he continues to be in custody due to other pending cases.

The guest essay, allegedly from Imran, expressed skepticism about the upcoming elections, reiterating claims of a regime change under US pressure and labeling the May 9 riots as a “false-flag operation.”

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