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uS restates its commitment to broaden the security collaboration with Pakistan

WASHINGTON: The U.S. emphasizes its focus on security collaboration with Pakistan and remains committed to enhancing and broadening their bilateral ties in this aspect.

During a press conference in Washington, the US State Department Spokesperson, Matthew Miller, stated, “We remain committed to enhancing the security collaboration between the United States and Pakistan. This has been a significant focus for us and will persist as an essential priority.”

His response pertained to a query about the United States’ assistance for Pakistan in addressing their security issues stemming from neighboring nations and fighting the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP).

Washington’s reassurance follows Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s response to US President Joe Biden’s letter, where he emphasized Pakistan’s commitment to collaborate with the US in pursuit of common objectives, including worldwide peace and stability, regional advancement, and prosperity.

Previously, President Biden sent a congratulatory letter to Prime Minister Shehbaz, highlighting the strong partnership between the United States and Pakistan. He also mentioned that both nations have been collaborating on important initiatives in areas such as energy, climate change, agriculture, health, and education.

In their initial diplomatic exchange, President Biden promised that the United States would remain a steadfast ally to the new Pakistani government, working together to address the most critical worldwide and regional issues.

Moreover, the US President emphasized the United States’ dedication to collaborate with Pakistan in upholding human rights and fostering development. By working together, we will continue to build a robust alliance between our countries and a deep connection among our citizens, as he also mentioned.

Regarding inquiries about media statements claiming Afghanistan received over $2.9 billion through the United Nations, and if this was under Washington’s consent, the official responded with a negative answer.

“Absolutely not. Allow me to emphasize that we demand our partners implement safeguards to guarantee aid reaches those in need,” he stated when discussing the possibility of aid reaching the Afghan Taliban-led interim government in the conflict-stricken nation.

We also demand strong surveillance and documentation from collaborating organizations executing aid programs. We will persistently supervise all our assistance initiatives and strive to lessen the possibility that U.S. aid inadvertently assists the Taliban or is redirected to unintended beneficiaries, as mentioned.

In response to Indian media speculations that Indian authorities discovered their intelligence officers allegedly planning the assassination of Sikh leader Gurpatwant Singh Pannun in the United States, and the subsequent sharing of this information with Washington, Miller chose not to address the “media reports.”

Nevertheless, the spokesperson emphasized that the US has informed India of their desire for a comprehensive investigation, and they continue to anticipate the outcome of this inquiry.

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