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The Principal of Aitchison College Steps Down Due to Alleged Political Influence

On Monday, Aitchison College Principal Michael A. Thomas stepped down, attributing his decision to instances of interference and nepotism as examples of poor administration within the institution.

In a correspondence addressed to the college’s staff members, Thomas expressed that he was left with no alternative but to tender his resignation.

Thomas expressed his viewpoint that favoritism and political involvement should be absent from the institution’s dealings.

He informed the staff that certain “detrimental” policies were introduced to the college based on the impulsive decisions of a few influential individuals.

He explicitly attributed the college’s governance issues to the partisan approach of the governor’s house.

As reported by various sources, the dispute between the college and the governor originated from the issue of waiving fines imposed on the sons of Federal Minister Ahad Cheema.

In 2018, Thomas considered resigning due to political pressures concerning admissions. However, after Governor Muhammad Sarwar persuaded him, he decided to withdraw his resignation and continue in his position.

As per a previous news article, Thomas faced stress following the dismissal of Azlan Khan, who is the son of ex-Member of the National Assembly Kashmala Tariq.

According to a news report from that time, Thomas had been under pressure after the expulsion of Azlan Khan, son of former MNA Kashmala Tariq.

Recently, a prominent Indian television network and various social media users asserted that Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz allegedly received more than a thousand emails from college students and their parents. This correspondence was said to have occurred in relation to her attendance at a foundation day event at the educational institution where she was invited as a guest.

Founded in 1886, Aitchison is one of the oldest and most prestigious educational institutes in Pakistan. The sitting governor of Punjab has a say in the affairs of the college as the president of the board of governors.

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