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terrorists Using US-made weapons against Pakistan

In recent months, Pakistan has experienced a significant uptick in terrorist attacks, resulting in tragic loss of life among civilians and security forces. Of particular concern is the emergence of a troubling trend: the increasing utilization of foreign weaponry, including arms abandoned by the United States in Afghanistan, by militant groups like Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and the Balochistan Liberation Army.

Pakistan has repeatedly raised alarm about modern weapons falling into the hands of militants due to the swift withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan. However, Washington has vehemently denied these allegations.

Despite the denials, evidence suggests that militants have indeed been employing US-manufactured weapons in their operations within Pakistan. Security sources reveal that terrorists involved in recent attacks, such as the one in Turbat, were armed with US-made weaponry like the M32 multi-shot grenade launcher and M16A4 assault rifle.

Instances of US-made weapons being seized from militants are not isolated incidents. For instance, on January 27, weapons of American origin were recovered from a terrorist in North Waziristan, and similar arms were found after the terrorist attack in Sambaza, Zhob, on January 22.

Security forces have also intercepted foreign-made weapons at the Pak-Afghan border, including instances of AK-47 and M4 Carbine assault rifles being confiscated along with ammunition. Additionally, militants have been found using night vision goggles and US-made assault rifles during attacks in various regions.

Despite efforts by customs and security officials, modern US-made weapons continue to find their way into the hands of militants, as evidenced by attacks in Tank, Chitral, Mianwali airbase, Zhob Garrison, and other locations.

The situation is exacerbated by the Pentagon’s acknowledgment that a significant portion of the weapons provided to Afghan forces, approximately 300,000 out of 427,300, were left behind during the US withdrawal from Afghanistan in August 2021.

In summary, the persistence of terrorist attacks in Pakistan fueled by the use of US-made weaponry underscores the urgent need for coordinated efforts to address the proliferation of arms in the region and mitigate the threat posed by militant groups.

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