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SHO Khurram Riaz Refutes Jamshed Dasti’s Allegations of Raid, Denounces Negative Politics

Muzaffargarh SHO Khurram Riaz has refuted the allegations made by politician Jamshed Dasti, denying that officials from intelligence agencies and the Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) conducted a raid on his house.

In a video statement on Monday, Riaz addressed the circulating video in which Dasti accused CTD and intelligence agencies personnel of raiding his house, claiming that his family was subjected to harassment, with his wife allegedly stripped and children beaten.

Riaz clarified that upon investigation, there was no evidence of any raid on Dasti’s house, and his family was not harassed. He mentioned that Dasti’s wife had visited the returning officer’s office on Saturday for the submission of her nomination papers, and neither at that time nor afterward did she report any harassment.

Highlighting Dasti’s history, Riaz revealed that approximately 40 cases have been registered against him. He characterized Dasti’s video as a form of negative propaganda and politics, asserting that the politician has employed similar tactics in the past to create fear and panic among the public.

The SHO dismissed Dasti’s recent video as another instance of his negative politics and urged him to address any concerns through the appropriate legal channels. Riaz emphasized that if Dasti has any issues, he should approach the relevant forums, and the legal procedures would be followed to address them.

Jamshed Dasti Claims Wife Stripped, House Thrashed During Raid

Meanwhile, former National Assembly member Jamshed Dasti has accused intelligence agencies and the Counter Terrorism Department of raiding his home, claiming that his wife was subjected to stripping and his children were physically harmed. He has appealed to the Chief Justice of Pakistan to intervene.

In a distressing video shared on X, Dasti, visibly disturbed and wrapped in a white shawl, asserted that his family was held captive for several hours. He appealed to the Chief Justice of Pakistan to intervene.

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