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Rawalpindi Police Deny Reports of Gunfire at Judge Mohammad Bashir’s Car

Rawalpindi police have dismissed claims of a targeted assault on Judge Muhammad Bashir.

RAWALPINDI: The Rawalpindi police have refuted reports suggesting that Judge Muhammad Bashir’s car was fired upon, immediately following the news of a reported gun attack on the jurist in Rawalpindi.

Earlier, sources reported that the judge survived a gun attack on his vehicle in Rawalpindi.

According to sources, an armed assailant allegedly opened fire on Judge Bashir’s car near PAF Chowk, an area falling under the jurisdiction of the Airport Police Station. This incident occurred as the judge headed home after a hearing at Adiala Jail in Rawalpindi.

The suspect, identified as Shayan Zulfiqar from Haley Street, was reportedly apprehended on the spot, and the weapon used in the incident was recovered.

However, a police spokesperson later clarified that the firing was not specifically aimed at Judge Bashir. Instead, the suspect was allegedly attempting to force “his relatives” to accompany him, and he resorted to firing in the air when they resisted. Notably, Judge Bashir’s car had already passed the location of the incident moments before the gunfire.

It’s worth noting that Judge Bashir oversees hearings of significant cases requiring in-camera proceedings at Adiala Jail due to security concerns. Before the reported incident, he had presided over the hearing of the £190 million case involving former Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Balochs March Enters Islamabad, Traffic Police Issues Alternate Routes To Motorists

In another development, the Islamabad Police began implementing alternative traffic routes in preparation for the entry of Balochistan’s long march into the city on Wednesday.

This march aims to unite with an ongoing protest at the Islamabad Press Club. It was initiated from the Turbat area of Balochistan for the recovery of missing persons and an end to extrajudicial killings.


While acknowledging the democratic right to protest, the Islamabad Police emphasized that blocking city roads was not permissible.

In a social media update on X, the police warned of legal consequences for anyone violating the law.

To facilitate traffic, alternate routes have been established around the Press Club area, notably on Jinnah Avenue and the Poly Clinic underpass. However, Nazimuddin Road near the Press Club has been closed to traffic.

After navigating through Punjab with occasional slowdowns due to transport shortages, the march arrived in the capital on Wednesday.

Moreover, the police have arranged alternative routes at entry points to Islamabad near the Motorway and Chungi No 26.

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