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Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Faces Backlash After Video Surfaces of Assault on Domestic Help

Pakistani music icon Rahat Fateh Ali Khan stirred controversy when a video surfaced on social media, depicting the singer assaulting his domestic help in a shocking incident that took place on Saturday.

The footage captured Rahat Fateh Ali Khan striking his servant with shoes, delivering slaps and kicks while the distressed house-help pleaded for mercy. Despite pleas from onlookers to cease the violence, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan persisted in his aggressive behavior.

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According to reports, the assault was triggered by the disappearance of a liquor bottle from Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s home bar. The singer, heard in the video questioning the whereabouts of his bottle, unleashed his fury on the unfortunate servant.

In response to the public outrage, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan released a video attempting to explain the incident. He claimed that the individual being subjected to the beating was not just a servant but his pupil. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan justified the violent episode by describing it as a facet of the relationship between a master and his disciple.

“We love them for their good work. And when they make a mistake, we also give them punishment,” Rahat Fateh Ali Khan stated in the video, with the servant standing beside him, accompanied by his father.

The singer’s attempt to rationalize the assault raised concerns about the power dynamics and treatment of domestic staff in certain households, prompting a broader discussion on the responsibilities of influential figures and their impact on social behavior.

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