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Punjab Requests Mobile Phone, Internet Service Suspension for By-Polls on April 21

Punjab has formally requested the federal government to implement a temporary suspension of mobile network and internet services in 13 districts and tehsils within the province on April 21. The rationale behind this request is the perceived need to bolster security measures during the polling day.

The primary objective behind this request is to ensure the preservation of law and order throughout the province, minimizing the likelihood of any potential disturbances or adverse incidents during the electoral process. The suspension of these communication services is viewed as a precautionary measure to preempt any untoward occurrences that could compromise the smooth conduct of the electoral proceedings.

The provincial home department, in a formal communication addressed to the interior ministry, underscored the imperative of this suspension. This request comes in anticipation of the upcoming by-polls scheduled to take place in various districts and constituencies, following the general elections held on February 8 across the country. By temporarily suspending mobile networks and internet services, authorities aim to create an environment conducive to the peaceful execution of the electoral process, thereby safeguarding the integrity and fairness of the democratic exercise.

The decision to suspend mobile and internet services reflects a strategic approach towards managing security concerns during crucial electoral events. It serves as a proactive measure to mitigate potential risks and maintain public safety and order. Furthermore, it underscores the government’s commitment to ensuring a secure and tranquil environment for citizens to exercise their democratic rights without fear or intimidation.

While such measures may inconvenience some individuals in terms of communication accessibility, they are deemed necessary in the interest of upholding the overall security and stability of the electoral process. It is anticipated that the temporary suspension of mobile networks and internet services will contribute significantly to the smooth and orderly conduct of the by-polls, thereby fostering confidence in the electoral system and upholding the principles of democracy.

In essence, the request for the suspension of mobile and internet services in Punjab’s 13 districts and tehsils on April 21 represents a proactive step towards safeguarding the electoral process and ensuring the maintenance of law and order during this critical juncture in the democratic calendar.

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