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PTI quitting National and Provincial Assemblies, the parliamentary party will decide the date: Imran Khan

PTI quitting National and Provincial Assemblies, the parliamentary party will decide date: Imran Khan:

PTI quitting National and Provincial Assemblies, the parliamentary party will decide the date: Imran Khan

RAWALPINDI/ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf has decided to quit the National and Provincial Assemblies.

PTI chairman Imran Khan announced this today evening while addressing the long march participants in Rawalpindi.

Imran Khan, however, said that the parliamentary party of PTI will decide the date to quit the National and Provincial Assemblies.

Khan also said that the long march will not enter Islamabad. Thousands of PTI supporters have reached Rawalpindi to join the long march.

Imran said that they cannot bear to stay in this corrupt system any longer with people accused of billions in corruption getting away without punishment.

Imran said that he will hold a consultative meeting with all of his chief ministers and parliamentary parties and decide on when they will exit the assemblies.

He teased the idea of marching on Islamabad, with his supporters having already removed some of the shipping containers blocking the roads towards Islamabad. He suggested that a few thousand police officers would be unable to stop the massive crowd he had gathered.

Ultimately, though, he disclosed that he had decided against it and of causing further damage to the state that would inevitably be caused in any clash with security forces.

Earlier, Imran said that the three people who had hatched a plan to assassinate him are still in powerful positions.

Imran further said that the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) government tried its best to sling mud at Imran and to tarnish his name but they failed.

He asked why an overwhelming number of overseas Pakistanis support the PTI. He then answered himself, stating that because overseas Pakistanis live in countries where there is justice, rule of law, and facilities for the common person, where their ministers do not loot wealth of their nation and take them abroad. He suggested that overseas Pakistanis support him because he wants to build a similar society in Pakistan.

Imran said that apart from looting the wealth of the country, the two major parties never attempted to strengthen the state institutions despite ruling for 30 years.

Imran said that he tried very hard but he could not bring the powerful to account and failed in his three and a half years.

“NAB was not under me, they were under the powerful establishment,” he said, adding, “Cases are ready but they (establishment) was not giving the signal.”

Imran alleged that the establishment was busy cutting deals with these crooks.

More to follow…..

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