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PTI Pursues Dialogue with ‘Real Power’ as Imran Khan Delegates Key Role to Arif Alvi

Imprisoned Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) founder Imran Khan has entrusted a significant task to former president Dr. Arif Alvi, who has been actively working to bridge the divide between the establishment and the former ruling party, as disclosed by PTI’s Secretary General, Omar Ayub Khan, on Thursday.

This development follows Khan’s refusal to comply with the military’s demand for an apology regarding the events of May 9, distancing his party from the violent protests that erupted nationwide last year following his arrest.

Speaking at a press conference alongside Alvi outside Adiala Jail in Rawalpindi, Ayub stated, “The PTI founder has assigned an important responsibility to Arif Alvi during their first meeting since Khan’s departure from the Presidency.”

Alvi remarked, “The PTI founder is prepared to make further sacrifices for the nation,” without revealing the nature of the assigned responsibility, only stating, “I have received instructions from the PTI founder.”

Addressing the police crackdown post-May 9 mayhem, Alvi acknowledged, “While some PTI members might have been involved in the violence, the entire party suffered.”

The May 9 violence erupted nationwide following Khan’s arrest in the £190 million settlement case, resulting in the incarceration of numerous PTI members for their alleged role in violence and attacks on military installations.

Alvi asserted that their mandate was stolen in the February 8 general elections and claimed to possess evidence supporting this allegation.

He criticized the PML-N-led coalition government as a product of manipulation through “Form 47.”

Responding to the ISPR’s demand for apologies from those involved in the May 9 protests, Alvi stated, “The wrongdoers should seek forgiveness, not the oppressed.”

He emphasized the need for an impartial investigation into the May 9 incidents and called for dialogue to resolve the political crisis, stating that “those with real power” should initiate the dialogue process.

Highlighting PTI’s alleged popularity among the masses, Alvi argued against dismissing the mandate of the majority, stressing the importance of dialogue to address the country’s political challenges.

Dr. Alvi has long been endeavoring to reconcile differences between the establishment and PTI, expressing his commitment to resolving disputes and promoting cooperation for the nation’s welfare.

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