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Pakistan's ousted prime minister Imran Khan waves to supporters from a top a bus during a protest rally in Swabai on May 25, 2022. - All roads leading to Pakistan's capital Islamabad were blocked on May 25 ahead of a rally called by ousted prime minister Imran Khan. (Photo by Abdul MAJEED / AFP)

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PTI Approaches Islamabad High Court for Rally Permission on March 23

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has taken legal action by approaching the Islamabad High Court seeking approval to conduct a rally in the capital on March 23. The request was formally submitted by Aamir Mughal and Sher Afzal Marwat, emphasizing the party’s repeated attempts to obtain permission from the Islamabad administration, which have thus far remained unanswered.

In their petition, PTI cited their track record of organizing three previous protests against electoral malpractices in the capital, all of which transpired peacefully. This history of peaceful assembly serves as a testament to PTI’s commitment to maintaining order and respecting the rule of law during public demonstrations.

The proposed rally is slated to take place either in F9 Park or at D-Chowk, commencing at 10 pm. However, to actualize this plan, PTI necessitates formal authorization from relevant authorities. Consequently, the petition names Islamabad’s police authorities, deputy commissioner, and interior secretaries as respondents, highlighting their pivotal roles in adjudicating the rally’s permissibility.

In addition to seeking approval for the rally, PTI’s petition also implores the court to ensure unimpeded access to roads on March 23 and safeguard citizens from unwarranted arrests for partaking in the protest. By addressing these concerns preemptively, PTI aims to foster an environment conducive to peaceful assembly while also upholding citizens’ constitutional rights to freedom of expression and peaceful protest.

The party’s decision to seek judicial intervention underscores its commitment to democratic principles and legal recourse in pursuing its political objectives. By resorting to legal channels, PTI aims to demonstrate its adherence to due process and respect for institutional mechanisms governing public gatherings, thereby setting a precedent for responsible political conduct.

Ultimately, PTI’s petition encapsulates its pursuit of democratic participation within the framework of the law, advocating for the right to peaceful assembly while also acknowledging the need for regulatory oversight to ensure public safety and orderliness during such events.

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