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Power companies have requested a Rs2.94 per unit increase in electricity prices

The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority has deferred its verdict on the petition submitted by power distribution companies seeking a Rs2.94 per unit increase in electricity rates.

The proposed adjustment is rooted in the Fuel Price Adjustment for March.

During the hearing, NEPRA officials raised concerns about the operational efficiency of power plants, highlighting instances where less expensive facilities remained idle while more costly ones were in operation. They contended that such practices impose unnecessary financial burdens on consumers.

Chairman NEPRA chaired the session, during which representatives from the National Transmission and Despatch Company (NTDC) disclosed that electricity consumption in March fell 8% below projected targets.

This decline was attributed to seasonal influences on the north-south transmission network, increased output from hydro and nuclear sources, and the expanding contribution of solar energy generation.

NEPRA member Rafique Shaikh remarked on the evolution of the energy landscape due to the implementation of net metering and solar systems over the past few years.

Additionally, Power Division officials reported a 7.5% overall decrease in electricity demand and the procurement of 55 million units of electricity through net metering.

NEPRA members stressed the importance of developing strategies to stimulate electricity demand and expressed apprehensions regarding the continued reliance on expensive power plants.

They emphasized the necessity of transparency in operational procedures and urged officials to elucidate the rationale behind favoring costlier plants.

Following the presentation of arguments, NEPRA opted to defer its decision on the tariff adjustment request. Officials stated that the final decision would be communicated through an official notification.

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