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PM Shehbaz Sharif hands over ECC to Finance Minister Aurangzeb

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has made a significant decision to transfer the chairmanship of the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) to Finance Minister Muhammad Aurangzeb, marking a reversal of a prior announcement.

The change was conveyed through an official notification issued on Saturday, outlining the new composition of the ECC under the leadership of the finance minister. The committee will include key ministers responsible for economic affairs, planning, commerce, power, and petroleum as its members.

Initially, Shehbaz Sharif had disclosed plans to personally chair the ECC along with other major committees, but this decision was met with criticism, particularly for its perceived intention to diminish the authority of the finance minister, who traditionally leads the ECC. Additionally, Aurangzeb found himself excluded from chairing the privatisation committee, a responsibility now assigned to Ishaq Dar, who also serves as the foreign finance minister.

Despite relinquishing the ECC chairmanship, Shehbaz Sharif will continue to preside over the Cabinet Committee on Energy, ensuring his involvement in crucial matters within the government’s purview. According to reports by Dawn, the decision to hand over the ECC to Aurangzeb was influenced by Shehbaz’s challenging schedule, making it impractical for him to accommodate the responsibilities of chairing the committee amidst his other commitments.

This adjustment in leadership within key economic committees reflects a strategic reorganization within the government’s administrative structure. By entrusting the ECC chairmanship to Aurangzeb, the government aims to streamline decision-making processes and allocate responsibilities in a manner conducive to effective governance. While the initial decision faced backlash, the subsequent adjustment signifies a responsiveness to concerns raised and a willingness to adapt to optimize administrative efficiency.

In essence, the decision to transfer the ECC chairmanship to Finance Minister Muhammad Aurangzeb underscores a pragmatic approach to governance, prioritizing efficiency and effectiveness in economic decision-making processes within the Pakistani government’s framework.

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