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PIA Issues Advisory as Flights Delay Due to Fog

On Thursday, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) issued a travel advisory due to flight delays caused by dense fog. Flights to Lahore, Multan, and Sialkot may experience cancellations, changes, or delays owing to low visibility and the intensity of fog.

Passengers are urged to check their flight status through the call center before heading to the airport. The airline apologizes for any inconvenience caused to its valued guests.

The preceding Wednesday witnessed Lahore Airport engulfed in an unprecedented fog, creating disorder in flight schedules and operations. Strict instructions were issued to pilots, requiring them to obtain permission from Air Traffic Control (ATC) before attempting landings or take-offs.

In response to the challenging conditions, airport authorities took a crucial step by temporarily closing the runway, resulting in a halt to all flight operations. This closure had a significant impact on numerous flights, leading to multiple cancellations and substantial adjustments in schedules.

Various airlines were adversely affected by the disruption caused by the fog. Notably, Flight PK 185 bound for Sharjah was canceled, and both PIA’s PK 898 to Kuala Lumpur and Airblue’s PA 471 from Jeddah faced the same fate.

Fog Shrouds GT Road, Triggers Pile-Up: 1 Dead And 33 Injured In Multi-Car Collision

Meanwhile, tragically, a woman lost her life, and 33 others suffered injuries in a devastating collision involving four vehicles on Grand Trunk (GT) Road near Jehlum, exacerbated by dense fog and poor visibility.

According to rescue officials, the incident unfolded as two cars collided with a truck subsequent to a prior accident between a passenger bus and a truck on GT Road, all attributed to the challenging low visibility conditions.

Efforts are underway as rescue teams diligently work to transport the injured individuals to the nearest hospital for necessary medical attention.

This unfortunate event follows a pattern of similar incidents, underscoring the dangers posed by fog-related road accidents.

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