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Pakistanis Oppose Afghanistan’s Kunar River Project, Cite Concerns over Water Supply

The residents of Pakistan, particularly the Pashtuns, strongly oppose Afghanistan’s collaboration with India in constructing a project on the Kunar River. According to them, Afghanistan’s actions pose a significant threat to Pakistanis, especially those in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, as they believe it will disrupt water supply to agricultural lands.

Critics argue that Afghanistan, lacking sufficient resources, relies on foreign aid, and they express frustration that Pakistan has sacrificed for Afghanistan, even losing thousands of lives in the process. The sentiment among the public is that Afghanistan, not being universally recognized, acts under the influence of India.

The people emphasize Pakistan’s historical support for Afghanistan during challenging times, but they find it contradictory that Afghanistan, while advocating for the rights of Pashtuns, simultaneously interrupts water supply to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. This has led to concerns about Afghanistan’s true intentions toward Pakistan, heightening tensions between the two nations.

Saveera Parkash’s Bold Stand: Refuting Hindu Label, Asserting Pukhtana Identity Against India’s Allegation

Meanwhile, Saveera Parkash, a 25-year-old doctor and the first woman from Buner to contest in the general election for constituency PK-25 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, vehemently asserted her identity as a Pukhtana during an interview.

Dismissing the propaganda against Pakistan regarding its treatment of minorities and women, Parkash emphasized that the people of her district consider her one of their own, embracing her as a Pukhtana rather than categorizing her as a minority Hindu woman.

Contesting the 2024 election on the PPP’s ticket for both a general seat and a reserved seat for minorities, Parkash has garnered widespread support, earning the title of “Daughter of Buner” from the people of her district. During the interview, she refuted biased questions from the host, highlighting the inclusive support she received from various political parties irrespective of religion or gender.

In response to references made by the host to former cricketer Danish Kaneria’s allegations of suppression of the Hindu minority in Pakistan, Parkash shared her personal experience, firmly denying any discrimination and asserting that she had never felt like an outsider in her hometown. 

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