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Pakistan Proposes Kabul Consulate in Chaman to Streamline Visa Applications

Visa Applications

QUETTA: Pakistan suggested that the interim Afghanistan government establish a sub-consulate in Chaman to facilitate the issuance of on-arrival visas to Afghan citizens based on their identification documents at the border town. The authorities concerned will also approach the federal government to request the installation of a passport reader in the border town.

A high-level meeting, chaired by the caretaker chief minister, Ali Mardan Domki, in Chaman, discussed these issues. The meeting was attended by FC IG Major Gen Aamir Ajmal, Chief Secretary Shakeel Qadir Khan, Balochistan police chief Abdul Khaliq Sheikh, and others.

During the meeting, they reported that an “effective mechanism” in the border town had led to the expulsion of at least 150 Afghan families over the past few days. They established a monitoring committee, which comprises representatives of the police, Levies, and district administration, to oversee the repatriation process.

The meeting also revealed that authorities were establishing three camps in the border town to accommodate undocumented migrants. These migrants would rounded up after the November 1 deadline and then deported to their home country.

The attendees conveyed to the gathering that they had already provided all the necessary facilities in the camps, and they would set up more camps in Chaman due to the increasing numbers of immigrants.

Tribal Jirga’s Role in Addressing Border Issues

Speaking at a jirga, CM Domki asserted that the decision on repatriating refugees was final and would apply to all immigrants residing illegally in Pakistan.

He further announced the appointment of additional staff at the Chaman Passport Office, emphasizing that the office would operate around the clock. Additionally, a passport office in Qila Abdullah would soon become operational.

While talking about Visa applications, CM Domki also emphasized that they had rapidly completed the registration of traditional Afghan identity documents (e-tazkira), and they would replace them with passports and e-documents within two days. To promptly address any cases of misconduct, they had established a focal point at the deputy commissioner’s office in Chaman.

He acknowledged the challenges faced by families living at the border, acknowledging that they might face temporary hardships. Still, he assured that a comprehensive action plan was in progress to resolve these issues. Moreover, they were actively suggesting practical measures concerning restrictions on items falling under Afghan trade.

Pakistan’s Aim to Transition into a Normal State

Balochistan’s caretaker information minister, Jan Achakzai, declared that the expulsion of illegal immigrants was a state policy aimed at transforming Pakistan into a “normal state.”

During a press conference, he asserted that this decision would encourage foreign investment, fostering a conducive environment for international businesses interested in the local market.

He highlighted the interest of several countries in investing in Pakistan. The goal, he explained, was to secure borders, implement a passport regime, and determine the citizenship status of individuals in the country.

Achakzai emphasized that the campaign targeted illegal aliens, not specific nations or ethnic groups, with the added benefit of addressing issues like hundi, which harms the economy and banking system. Caretaker information minister Murtaza Solangi emphasized that Pakistan seeks to deport illegal immigrants and will no longer tolerate border crossings without meeting legal requirements, citing Pakistan’s significant history of hosting refugees over the past four decades.

He argued that countries cannot sustain soft borders, allowing undocumented individuals to reside freely and forge fake passports and identity cards. Overall, Pakistan suggests establishing an Afghan sub-consulate in Chaman for visa applications based on identification documents.

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