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Pakistan Dismisses US Politicised and Double Standard Human Rights Report

Pakistan vehemently rejected the “2023 Country Report on Human Rights Practices” issued by the US State Department, dismissing it as biased and detached from reality.

Mumtaz Zahra Baloch, the Foreign Office spokesperson, criticized the methodology of such reports, arguing that they lack objectivity and are inherently flawed. Baloch accused the US of using its domestic perspective to assess human rights in other nations, branding the latest report as politically biased and devoid of objectivity.

Baloch pointed out what she perceived as double standards on the part of the US, particularly concerning the omission of severe humanitarian crises in Gaza and Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK). She condemned the US for overlooking the dire situation in Gaza and emphasized the need for the US to address ongoing human rights violations there.

Pakistan reaffirmed its commitment to bolstering its own human rights framework and engaging constructively in advancing international human rights agendas. The Foreign Office stressed the importance of objectivity, impartiality, and responsibility in such reports, urging the US State Department to exercise due diligence and moral courage in its assessments and actions.

Furthermore, Pakistan called for the US to play a more constructive role in supporting international efforts to address human rights violations, particularly in areas of urgent concern.

The Foreign Office underscored the necessity for the US to accurately represent complex issues and demonstrate moral integrity in its evaluations. Pakistan emphasized its dedication to upholding fairness and objectivity in the international human rights discourse, while also urging the US to fulfill its responsibilities in addressing human rights abuses worldwide.

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