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Pakistan Climbs 20 Ranks in WEF’s 2024 Travel & Tourism Development Index

Pakistan has ranked 101st in the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Travel & Tourism Development Index (TTDI) 2024, an improvement of 20 places compared to 2019. The country scored 3.41 out of 7, marking a 3.6% improvement since 2019. As per capita income classifications, Pakistan is categorized as a lower-middle-income economy and is part of the Asia-Pacific regional group in the TTDI 2024.

The Asia-Pacific region is the second-highest performer among regions, with 10 out of 19 constituent economies surpassing the index average and 11 showing improvement since 2019. The leading economies in the 2024 list are the United States, Spain, Japan, France, and Australia.

The Middle East experienced the highest recovery rates in international tourist arrivals, 20% above the 2019 level, while Europe, Africa, and the Americas showed strong recoveries of around 90% in 2023.

Amir Jahangir, CEO of Mishal Pakistan and the Country Partner Institute of the World Economic Forum, noted that Pakistan’s improved scores reflect significant institutional efforts. Institutions like the Pakistan Tourism Development Authority (PTDC) have worked to make Pakistan a more attractive and affordable tourism destination. The World Bank’s support has been crucial in promoting integrated tourism in the country.

Jahangir highlighted that the PTDC and other institutions, along with the World Bank, have successfully brought stakeholders together and facilitated public policy dialogues, enabling provinces to share best practices. The PTDC’s initiatives under the National Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index (NTTCI) have fostered institutional learning, contributing to Pakistan’s improved rankings. Enhanced competition among provinces can further boost the tourism industry, expanding choices for citizens and attracting international tourists.

Pakistan’s progress on the TTDI from 2019 to 2024 is part of a broader trend of low to middle-income economies showing significant improvements. Pakistan’s advancement indicates a positive trajectory in its tourism sector, suggesting potential growth and readiness for future opportunities. Pakistan’s TTDI score surpasses that of countries like Nepal and Bangladesh in South Asia, but it still trails behind higher-ranked countries such as India and Sri Lanka.

Despite Pakistan’s appeal as a travel destination, infrastructure and enabling conditions for tourism development need further enhancement. The government’s prioritization of tourism and efforts to improve safety, security, and health and hygiene standards are essential for advancing the industry.

Mishal Pakistan, a leading strategic communication and design company, is the Country Partner Institute of the World Economic Forum. Mishal gathers primary data on over 200 indicators measuring Pakistan’s growth and competitiveness, focusing on behavior change communication, strategic communication, and media and perception management.

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