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Pakistan Accuses India of Covert Assassinations on its Soil

On Thursday, Foreign Secretary Muhammad Syrus Sajjad Qazi accused India of conducting a sophisticated and sinister campaign involving extra-territorial and extra-judicial killings within Pakistan.

Qazi claimed to possess credible evidence linking Indian agents to the assassination of two Pakistani nationals on Pakistani soil. He asserted that these targeted killings were part of a larger, intricate international setup spanning multiple jurisdictions.

According to Qazi, Indian agents utilized technology and safe havens abroad to carry out assassinations in Pakistan. They allegedly recruited, financed, and supported individuals, including criminals, terrorists, and unwitting civilians, to play specific roles in these operations. Qazi further explained that Indian media and social media accounts promptly claimed and glorified these killings as successful acts of retribution against perceived enemies of India.

Qazi disclosed that potential assassins were recruited through social media, talent spotters, and fake Daesh accounts. He claimed that teams of financiers, locators, and assassins were involved in the operations, with deliberate exit plans designed to conceal any potential traces.

Providing details on specific assassinations, Qazi mentioned the case of Mr. Shahid Latif, who was killed outside a mosque in Sialkot on October 11, 2023. Qazi alleged that Indian agent Yogesh Kumar, based in a third country, orchestrated the assassination. Kumar purportedly recruited Muhammad Umair, a laborer in the third country, to act as a contact with local criminals in Pakistan to trace and assassinate Shahid Latif. Despite initial failures, Muhammad Umair was personally sent to Pakistan and successfully organized a team of five assassins to carry out the killing.

Qazi claimed that, based on confessional statements and technical evidence, law enforcement authorities apprehended the target killers, including Muhammad Umair, who were attempting to flee the country on October 12, 2023. All those involved in the killings are said to have been apprehended, and a legal case is underway. Qazi asserted that there is evidence of financial transactions linking the entire chain to Indian agent Yogesh Kumar.

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