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OGRA Recommends 41% Gas Price Hike, Sparks Economic Worries

The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has proposed a substantial 41% increase in gas prices, a move that is poised to gain government approval and take effect from the upcoming month.

This recommendation comes in the wake of an astonishing 400% surge in gas prices implemented by OGRA over the past year, triggering widespread economic repercussions and sparking debates across various sectors.

Sources within the Ministry of Petroleum indicate that the proposed tariff hike follows a new structure introduced in November, categorizing domestic consumers into two distinct groups: non-protected and protected. Non-protected consumers are those with an average gas consumption of 91 cubic meters or more during the four-month period from November to February, while those utilizing less than 90 cubic meters fall under the protected category.

The implications of this categorization are expected to impact households differently, with non-protected consumers likely to bear the brunt of the proposed 41% price hike. This has raised concerns about the unequal burden on consumers, adding to the economic challenges faced in the aftermath of the previous substantial price increase.

The sudden and significant escalation in gas costs has left consumers grappling with the economic aftermath, prompting anxieties about the affordability of essential utilities. As the government considers approving this latest price hike, discussions continue on the broader implications for both individual households and the overall economic landscape.

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