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Media Groups Demand Apology from KP Chief Minister’s Adviser for Bribery Claims


PESHAWAR: On Thursday, the Peshawar Press Club (PPC) and the Khyber Union of Journalists (KhUJ) issued a strong condemnation against Mashal Yousafzai, the Adviser on Social Welfare to the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister, for making unfounded bribery allegations against Geo News reporter Nadia Saboohi. This incident has sparked a significant uproar within journalistic circles.

A detailed report on Friday highlighted that leaders from both the KhUJ and PPC, alongside other prominent media figures, convened at the Peshawar Press Club to deliberate over the serious accusations put forth by Yousafzai.

During this meeting, Nasir Hussain, President of KhUJ, and Arshad Aziz Malik, President of PPC, expressed their concerns that Yousafzai’s actions were detrimental to the ongoing relationship between the KP government and the media.

The journalist community, represented by the office bearers of PPC and KhUJ, demanded that Yousafzai retract her allegations against Saboohi, delete the contentious tweet, and issue a formal apology.

In a move demonstrating their disapproval, they decided to cease all media coverage of Yousafzai and barred her from entering the press club premises.

This controversy stems from an earlier investigative report by Saboohi, which unveiled preparations within the government to purchase new vehicles for the secretary and the social welfare adviser.

Saboohi approached Yousafzai to comment on the findings and validate the facts, which Yousafzai confirmed. However, she mentioned that the chief minister had not yet reviewed the summary.

Despite acknowledging the report’s findings, Yousafzai later accused Saboohi of demanding money in exchange for withholding the publication.

After Saboohi proceeded with the publication upon refusal, Yousafzai retaliated with public bribery accusations and initiated a social media campaign against her.

The situation escalated further when Yousafzai implicated her own party leader, Moazzam Butt, in the controversy. Butt vehemently denied these claims and called on Chief Minister Gandapur to conduct a thorough investigation into Yousafzai’s allegations.

This incident highlights the tension between government officials and the media, underscoring the complex dynamics of accountability and ethical journalism.

The media community’s unified stance against unfounded allegations signifies a robust effort to safeguard journalistic integrity and professional standards within the region.

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