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LPG Price Reduced by Rs20 per kg

According to reports from market sources, the cost of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) has recently undergone a significant reduction in Quetta. Specifically, the price per kilogram has been slashed by Rs 20, resulting in a new rate of Rs 260, down from the previous Rs 280. Notably, this reduction marks the second decrease within a short span, with a cumulative Rs 40 drop in prices.

This latest adjustment follows the announcement by the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) regarding a reduction in LPG prices for May 2024. Effective from May 1st, the new price per kilogram has been set at Rs 238.46, reflecting a decrease of Rs 11.88 compared to the preceding month.

In April, OGRA had also implemented a price reduction strategy, reducing rates by Rs 6.44 per kilogram. Consequently, the cost per kilogram decreased from Rs 256.78 to Rs 250.34. Moreover, the price of domestic LPG cylinders saw a similar decline, with a reduction of Rs 76.9, bringing the April price down to Rs 2954.03 from Rs 3030.12.

For the month of May 2024, the downward trend in LPG prices continues, with the domestic cylinder price witnessing a further decrease of Rs 140.18. This adjustment sets the new price at Rs 2813.85, aimed at providing relief to consumers.

These adjustments in LPG prices are significant as they directly impact household budgets and businesses relying on LPG for various purposes. Consumers are likely to benefit from these reductions, as they contribute to alleviating financial burdens, especially amidst economic uncertainties. Additionally, such adjustments reflect the dynamics of global energy markets and regulatory efforts to ensure fair pricing and affordability for consumers.

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