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Israel Strikes Gaza after UN warns territory ‘uninhabitable’

On Saturday, Israel conducted airstrikes in Gaza, while the United Nations warned that the Palestinian territory is approaching uninhabitability after three months of intense conflict. The southern city of Rafah was targeted, where many people sought refuge. Civilians continue to suffer, with the UN raising concerns about a deepening humanitarian crisis, including famine and disease.

The UN’s children’s agency highlighted the threat to over 1.1 million children in Gaza due to clashes, malnutrition, and a lack of health services. Israeli forces remain active throughout Gaza, and tensions are high near the Lebanese border following the killing of a top Hamas commander in Beirut.

The conflict began with a Hamas attack on Israel in October, resulting in numerous casualties. In response, Israel launched a relentless campaign, causing significant civilian casualties. Recent Israeli strikes hit Khan Yunis, Rafah, and central Gaza, with the army targeting over 100 locations in 24 hours.

Diplomatically, Western leaders are working to increase aid to Gaza and ease tensions. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is discussing the situation with Turkish and Arab leaders before visiting Israel and the West Bank. Top EU and German diplomats are also engaging in talks on the humanitarian situation and regional tensions.

The war in Gaza, coupled with frequent cross-border exchanges with Hezbollah since October, raises concerns about a broader conflict. The recent killing of a Hamas leader in Beirut has heightened tensions, with Hezbollah vowing a swift response “on the battlefield.” Israel conducted fresh strikes against Hezbollah targets near the border. The situation remains complex and volatile.

International Court Of Justice Takes Up South Africa’s Complaint Of Gaza Genocide On 11th Of January

Meanwhile, Israel is set to present its defense before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague against South Africa’s allegations of genocide stemming from the conflict with Hamas in Gaza, as stated by an Israeli government spokesperson on Tuesday.

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