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Indian individual confirmed the establishment of a law firm that provides financial support to Adil Raja

Indian businessman Mannu Vaish has acknowledged his involvement in establishing the law firm, Central Chambers Law Solicitors, along with Pakistani businessman Ahmad Jawad.

Vaish stated that he has sold his shares in the firm to Jawad and has no connection with Adil Farooq Raja or his activities. Evidence has emerged suggesting that Jawad, also known as Ahmad Jawad Gondal, sponsors Adil Raja through the law firm, with support from PTI UK leader Mahtab Anwar Aziz.

Jawad and Vaish were previously co-owners of Central Chambers Law, which provides financial assistance to individuals like Adil Raja and Shayan Ali. While Jawad’s family members support PTI, he himself does not practice law but set up the firm with Vaish. Additionally, Jawad’s employee, Mahtab Anwar Aziz, serves as the lawyer for both Shayan Ali and Adil Raja, organizing press conferences to criticize Pakistani institutions.

Syed Tasnim Haider and Shayan Ali have organized protests in London against Pakistani institutions, allegedly funded by Ahmad Jawad and his Indian partner. Their office has been implicated in laying false allegations against Pakistani institutions, including the Pakistan Army and judiciary. Ahmad Jawad also hosted Sher Afzal Marwat during his UK visit last year.

In a recent court trial involving Adil Raja, Mahtab Anwar Aziz, an employee of Ahmad Jawad, claimed that PTI UK leader Shayan Ali suffers from severe mental health issues. Aziz made unfounded allegations against Pakistani institutions in court but failed to provide evidence to support his claims. The court fined Adil Raja £10,000 for defaming a retired Pakistani brigadier, despite Aziz’s attempt to support Raja’s case with a statement.

Aziz informed the court that Raja could only afford to pay £35 per month, concealing Raja’s earnings of nearly £45,000 from GoFundMe donations. Central Chambers Law, allegedly assisted Raja in setting up the funding page, which has since been taken down.

Additionally, Ahmad Jawad’s firm claimed that Raja’s income stream was disrupted when social media platforms canceled his account at the request of the Pakistani establishment (ISI), further complicating the financial situation presented to the court.

Adil Raja’s legal representative stated that he receives a net wage of £1,200 per month as the Director of his company, Black Beret Media Limited. Due to existing expenses, Raja proposes to pay £35.00 monthly to settle the ordered costs, as he already faces a shortfall of over £200 in his current outgoings, necessitating borrowing and donations.

Raja had previously informed the court that his total defamation case costs would exceed £250,000. Mahtab Anwar Aziz affirmed that Ahmad Jawad, the owner of Central Law Chambers, covers all expenses for Adil Raja and Shayan Ali, which now amount to over £250,000.

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