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Good news for Pakistani passport applicants as Government Moves to Resolve Issuance Delays

The Pakistani government has taken note of the substantial delay in the issuance of passports, which has become a pressing issue for applicants. Presently, there is an overwhelming backlog of over 800,000 passports awaiting printing. However, efforts are underway to alleviate this situation by acquiring new machinery and lamination paper, with the aim of clearing the backlog promptly.

Sources reveal that the Passport and Immigration authorities are currently processing 20-25,000 passports daily while receiving a staggering 40-45,000 applications. To tackle this mounting challenge, tenders have been issued for the purchase of printing machines and e-passport equipment. Additionally, international tenders have been floated to secure the necessary lamination paper.

As of March 30, reports indicate that passport applicants are experiencing unprecedented delays, with more than 550,000 individuals facing wait times of two to three months. This prolonged delay is attributed to the failure of the Passport and Immigration Department to deliver machine-readable and e-passports in a timely manner.

The repercussions of these delays are especially significant for Pakistani citizens intending to embark on Hajj and Umrah journeys, as they encounter severe setbacks in obtaining their passports. However, passport authorities have clarified that the delay resulted from a shortage of ink and lamination paper. They have assured the public that with the arrival of these essential supplies, the backlog is expected to be resolved by June.

In conclusion, while the delay in passport issuance poses a significant challenge, the Pakistani government is actively addressing the issue by procuring necessary equipment and materials. With concerted efforts, it is anticipated that the backlog will be effectively managed, bringing relief to the concerned applicants.

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