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GDA declares election “anti-state”, Plans Sit-In on February 16

The Grand Democratic Alliance (GDA) has vehemently contested the outcomes of the recent elections, characterizing them as a detriment to the state’s interests and announcing plans for a robust sit-in protest scheduled for February 16.

During a press conference, GDA chief Pir Pagara expressed strong reservations about the election results, alleging widespread manipulation that favored specific political entities. Pagara underscored the imperative need to reject what he perceived as unjust electoral practices and called upon the youth to actively join the scheduled protest at Hyderabad Bypass

In a resolute stance, Pagara categorically refused to accept seats obtained through what he considered unfair means, dismissing any proposals to dissolve the GDA alliance. He emphasized the unwavering commitment of the alliance to stand against electoral injustices, asserting that neither personal affiliations nor external pressures would sway their position.

Adding to the dissent, GDA leader Safdar Abbasi declared that two members of the Sindh Assembly affiliated with their party would abstain from taking the oath. Instead, they plan to stage a protest outside the assembly premises on the day of the meeting, symbolizing their protest against what they perceive as compromised election results.

The dissatisfaction articulated by the GDA leadership appears to resonate with a broader discontent within political circles. Notably, Jamaat-e-Islami Karachi Ameer Hafiz Naeem-ur-Rehman also resigned in protest, underscoring the depth of concern within the political landscape.

As discontent simmers, numerous political parties have raised apprehensions regarding the election results, prompting court hearings to address challenges to the outcomes and adding a layer of complexity to the post-election scenario.

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