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FBR Takes Action: Blocks Over 105,000 SIM Cards of Non-Filers

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has blocked 105,000 SIM cards belonging to non-filer non-compliant taxpayers to enforce tax compliance, according to the reports on Friday.

The Federal Board of Revenue revealed that it has blocked the SIM cards of 105,000 non-filers and is providing data for 5,000 non-filers daily to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

According to a spokesperson, non-filers can have their SIM cards reinstated by submitting their income tax returns.

“To date, 18,902 SIM cards have been reactivated after the individuals paid their taxes and were added to the list of active taxpayers,” the spokesperson added.

Previously, the FBR spokesperson refuted claims that the SIM cards of tax filers were being blocked, clarifying that there is no system in place for such action against tax filers.

It is important to note that the FBR has issued a general income tax order, directing authorities to block the SIM cards of over 506,671 identified non-compliant taxpayers nationwide.

The FBR identified more than 506,671 individuals who are eligible to file income tax returns but are not listed in the FBR Active Taxpayer List.

“Despite their eligibility, these individuals have not fulfilled their tax obligations,” an FBR spokesperson stated.

The FBR has begun taking action against non-compliant taxpayers and has warned tax evaders that their SIM cards may be blocked at any time if they fail to file their tax returns.

The Federal Board of Revenue is taking decisive steps against taxpayers who are not meeting their obligations, cautioning them of potential SIM card blockades if they do not file their tax returns.

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