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Election Commission of Pakistan Issues Notice to GDA’s Irfanullah Marwat for Aerial Firing in Karachi

On Monday, the Election Commission of Pakistan issued a show cause notice to Irfanullah Khan Marwat of the Grand Democratic Alliance (GDA) for the occurrence of aerial firing during a party gathering in Karachi.

The notice alleged that the firing was conducted during a corner meeting of the party with the intent to showcase the party’s strength, intimidate opponents, and pose a threat to other candidate contestants.

Irfanullah Khan Marwat, who is running for the PS-105 seat on the GDA platform in the upcoming February 8 elections, has been instructed by the electoral watchdog to provide a response to the notice within two days. The Election Commission specifically called on Marwat to explain and defend the actions taken during the party’s corner meeting.

The notice emphasized that according to Section 17 of the ECP’s Code of Conduct, all forms of firing, including aerial firing, the use of fireworks, and other explosives at public gatherings and in proximity to polling stations, are strictly prohibited.

President Affirms Full Support For High-Quality Development Of CPEC

Meanwhile, in a significant diplomatic development, the President of Pakistan engaged in crucial discussions with Vice Foreign Minister of the People’s Republic of China, Sun Weidong, during his visit to Islamabad. The President underscored the pivotal role of Chinese support in the upcoming phase of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), emphasizing its critical impact on Pakistan’s industrial development.

Expressing gratitude for China’s consistent support, the President highlighted the enduring economic cooperation between the two nations, recognizing it as a cornerstone in strengthening bilateral ties. Particularly acknowledging China’s assistance in stabilizing Pakistan’s economy, the President emphasized the depth of the friendship, describing China as a cherished ally that has stood by Pakistan in challenging times.

The President credited CPEC projects for their significant contributions to Pakistan’s economic advancement and the fulfillment of its energy requirements.

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