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Departure of Mickey Arthur, Grant Bradburn, and Andrew Puttick Marks Farewell from Pakistan Cricket

On Thursday, former Pakistan director Mickey Arthur, along with Grant Bradburn and Andrew Puttick, who were serving at the National Cricket Academy, made the collective decision to part ways with Pakistan cricket.

The trio tendered their resignations, formally informing the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) of their departure. In response, the PCB conveyed its best wishes to the departing coaching staff.

Via X (formerly Twitter), the PCB shared its sentiments and extended goodwill to the resigning coaches. Mickey Arthur, expressing his appreciation for his time with Pakistan cricket, conveyed, “Thank you, Pakistan. It has been a pleasure!”

Austrian Millionaire Seeks Help To Give Away Her $27.4m Fortune To People

Meanwhile, Austrian heiress Marlene Engelhorn is making headlines as she actively seeks assistance to distribute her 25 million euro ($27.4 million) fortune, expressing a desire to escape what she characterizes as a “dynastic rich swamp”.

Having inherited considerable wealth and accompanying power without any personal accomplishments, Engelhorn, an activist and founder of the Taxmenow initiative, criticizes the absence of taxes on her inherited fortune. She joins a minority of affluent protestors at the World Economic Forum in Davos, advocating for increased taxes on the wealthy.

Her financial windfall came in 2022 following her grandmother’s passing, prompting Engelhorn to announce the establishment of a group consisting of 50 Austrian citizens tasked with brainstorming ideas for the future allocation of her wealth.

To implement her plan, she is extending an invitation to up to 10,000 randomly selected Austrians over the age of 16, asking them to join the group by completing a questionnaire, with the final selection comprising 50 individuals.

Between March and June of the current year, the chosen group will convene on weekends to propose solutions “in the interests of society as a whole.” If the group fails to suggest ideas with broad support, Engelhorn has pledged to have her inheritance returned.

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