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Clarifying the Halal Status of Ostrich Meat: Expert Insights in Ramadan Transmission

Ostrich Meat

During the Ramadan transmission, a notable query emerged from Syed Aurhan Ali of Karachi regarding the halal status of ostrich meat, a topic that often sparks discussions, especially during the holy month.

Aurhan confessed to his confusion after consuming ostrich meat in sehri, prompted by conflicting information circulating on social media.

Citing videos from religious scholars, Aurhan mentioned the late Zameer Akhtar Naqvi, who reportedly suggested the prohibition of meat from large flightless birds in Islam.

However, Aurhan also noted another video featuring Mufti Tariq Masood, who seemingly endorsed consuming an ostrich egg in sehri.

Dr. Amir Abdullah Muhammadi, a religious scholar on the show, addressed Aurhan’s concerns by elucidating the Urdu nomenclature for ostrich, “Shuttar” due to its height resembling a camel, and “Murgh” due to its classification within the chicken family.

Dr. Muhammadi clarified that Naqvi’s remarks were based on a tale rather than conclusive evidence supported by Shia scholars’ research.

Dr. Muhammadi emphasized that the ostrich is considered halal among various Sunni schools of thought, including Ahl-e-Hadith, Shawaf-e-Hanabil, and Mawakil, as it lacks qualities characteristic of haram animals.

Molana Hussain Masudi, another scholar on the program, urged viewers to transcend the realm of video clips and instead engage in thorough research and dialogue.

He stressed the importance of comprehensively studying religious texts such as the Quran, Hadith, and historical context to address such queries accurately.

In conclusion, the discussion underscored the significance of informed inquiry and critical analysis in navigating religious dietary guidelines, urging viewers to seek knowledge beyond surface-level interpretations.

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