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Body of Missing 15-Year-Old boy On Margalla Hills Recovered

The body of 15-year-old Muhammad Taha, who had been reported missing from Margalla Trail 5 in the federal capital, has been found and recovered. After a 14-hour operation, rescue teams retrieved the body, which was then handed over to the police for post-mortem examination.

The operation to retrieve the body, carried out by rescue teams, lasted for several hours before reaching the starting point of Trail 5. Officials confirmed that the body was brought to the location where Taha’s family was present.

The body, discovered in a ravine in the Margalla Hills of Islamabad, was identified as that of Muhammad Taha, who had gone missing from Trail 5. His disappearance had been reported to the police by his parents.

According to sources, Taha had ventured onto Trail 5 with friends but became separated from them. His friends had contacted his family after he failed to return.

Upon receiving a report regarding Taha’s disappearance, Islamabad Police initiated an investigation, initially registering a case of alleged abduction and launching a search operation in the vicinity. Various resources including a response team, Margalla patrol, and drone cameras were deployed to assist in the search efforts.

The body was later discovered by the Department of Forest and Environment staff, who then turned it over to the police. Police sources indicated that the body was recovered from a deep ravine.

Initial concerns were raised by police as the clothing and physical characteristics of the body matched those of the missing boy. Subsequently, Taha’s mother and other family members were summoned to identify the body, confirming its identity.

Following identification, the body was brought down from the area and is set to be transferred to PIMS Hospital for a post-mortem examination.

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