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Bilawal warns of legal Consequences for President Alvi over ‘violation of Constitution’

PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has issued a stern warning to outgoing President Arif Alvi, suggesting that his actions as head of state may lead to legal repercussions, which Bilawal deems “unconstitutional.”

Speaking to reporters outside the Supreme Court in Islamabad, Bilawal expressed his anticipation for Alvi to face consequences, indicating that the presidency does not suit him.

Bilawal’s remarks stem from President Alvi’s refusal to sign a summary for convening a National Assembly session to swear in newly elected officials and elect the new prime minister. Alvi cited the incomplete status of the lower House of Parliament due to pending allocation of reserved seats, particularly those concerning the Sunni Ittehad Council.

Bilawal underscored that while the president enjoys immunity, there are numerous instances where Alvi’s actions could potentially lead to legal challenges. He highlighted Alvi’s decision to dissolve the assembly despite a vote of no-confidence, which Bilawal views as a breach of the Constitution.

Moreover, Bilawal criticized Alvi for failing to fulfill his duty by not convening the NA session by the specified date of February 29. He suggested that Alvi’s actions could prompt legal action not only for disregarding the Constitution during the no-confidence vote but also for neglecting to call the assembly session as mandated by constitutional obligations.

Despite these concerns, Bilawal expressed confidence in the formation of the government, emphasizing that constitutional duties must be upheld. He hinted at the possibility of the NA Speaker, Raja Pervez Ashraf, stepping in if the president fails to fulfill his obligations.

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