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arrest of Sarim Burney, State Department underscores the mutual interest in preventing trafficking crimes

In the aftermath of social worker Sarim Burney’s arrest and subsequent remand by a Karachi court on charges of human trafficking, the State Department issued a statement highlighting the shared commitment of Islamabad and Washington to combatting such crimes.

The spokesperson emphasized that preventing human trafficking, child trafficking, and illegal adoption are areas of mutual interest between Pakistan and the US.

The remarks from the State Department spokesperson followed Burney’s arrest by the Federal Investigation Agency on allegations of human trafficking, including smuggling and unlawfully sending children to the US. These charges stemmed from a complaint filed by American authorities against him.

The spokesperson underscored the importance of maintaining safeguards to protect the integrity of intercountry adoption processes.

US laws impose stringent requirements for accreditation and oversee foreign agencies involved in international adoption cases. The spokesperson expressed appreciation for the cooperation of Pakistani authorities on these matters.

Burney, known for running the Sarim Burney Welfare Trust International, was apprehended upon his return from a visit to the US. The court granted the FIA a two-day remand to further investigate the case and produce a progress report.

According to FIA statements, Burney stands accused of trafficking more than 25 children to the US and facilitating their illegal adoption. Additional charges include fraud and document falsification.

The revelation of Burney’s surveillance by US authorities during his recent visit heightened the complexity of the case, with ongoing investigations on both sides. The FIA confirmed that American authorities are also actively involved in scrutinizing the matter.

In this evolving situation, the collaboration between Pakistani and US authorities will be crucial in uncovering the truth and ensuring justice is served in the fight against human trafficking and related crimes.

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