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Anticipated Massive River Flooding in China’s Guangdong Poses Threat to Millions

In Guangdong province, major rivers, waterways, and reservoirs are on the brink of dangerous flooding, prompting the government to implement emergency response measures to safeguard over 127 million residents.

Local weather authorities have described the situation as “grim,” noting unprecedented water levels in sections of the Xijiang and Beijiang basins, with odds of occurrence at just one in fifty years.

The Ministry of Water Resources in China issued an urgent advisory, emphasizing the critical nature of the situation. Officials in Guangdong have urged all local departments to initiate emergency plans to mitigate natural disasters and ensure swift distribution of relief resources for affected individuals, including provisions for food, clothing, water, and shelter.

The province, a pivotal hub for commerce and trade, has been battered by heavy rains and strong winds for several days, echoing similar weather patterns across the country. Recent heavy rainfall, particularly a twelve-hour deluge starting Saturday evening, has caused widespread havoc in central and northern regions of Guangdong, prompting rescue efforts in cities like Zhaoqing, Shaoguan, Qingyuan, and Jiangmen.

Reports indicate the evacuation of over 45,000 people in Qingyuan, with power disruptions affecting parts of Zhaoqing. Across Guangdong, approximately 1.16 million households have experienced power outages due to the adverse weather conditions. In response, around 1,103 schools in affected areas will suspend classes on Monday.

Social media platforms depict the dire situation, with users sharing images and videos of flooded streets and stranded vehicles. Authorities in Qingyuan and Shaoguan have halted maritime traffic on several rivers, deploying emergency teams to coordinate rescue operations.

In Guangzhou, the provincial capital, reservoirs have reached critical flood levels, prompting heightened vigilance. Hydrological stations throughout the province are reporting alarming water levels, with a significant portion exceeding safe thresholds. Neighboring Guangxi has also been hit hard, experiencing violent winds, hailstorms, and widespread flooding, leading to dramatic rescue scenes and numerous landslides.

Weather forecasts predict continued heavy rain across Guangxi, Guangdong, Fujian, and Zhejiang provinces through Monday, exacerbating the already precarious situation.

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