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Afghanistan Landslide: At least 25 Dead and 8 Injured as Heavy Snowfall Hits Nuristan

A landslide triggered by heavy snowfall has resulted in the deaths of 25 individuals and the injury of eight others in Nuristan, an eastern province of Afghanistan, according to a spokesperson from the disaster management ministry. The incident occurred overnight on Sunday in the village of Nakre, located in the Tatin valley of Nuristan, where earth, snow, and debris swept through the area.

The spokesperson, Janan Sayeq, conveyed in a video clip shared with the media that the death toll stands at 25, with the possibility of it rising further. Rescue efforts have been complicated by the snow, with provincial officials mentioning difficulties in accessing the affected areas due to blocked roads and unfavorable weather conditions, including clouds and rain that have prevented helicopter operations.

Approximately 20 houses were destroyed or severely damaged in the landslide, as mentioned by Jamiullah Hashimi, the provincial head of information and culture. Hashimi emphasized that rescue operations are ongoing amidst continuing snowfall, raising concerns that the number of casualties might increase.

This year, Afghanistan experienced delayed snowfall across much of its territory, exacerbating the challenges posed by a prolonged drought. The country heavily relies on agriculture, but the lack of rain has led to significant delays in planting, further straining an already vulnerable population.

Afghanistan, known for its enduring poverty, decades of conflict, and susceptibility to natural disasters, faces heightened risks due to extreme weather events associated with climate change. Despite being a recipient of substantial humanitarian aid in the past, international funding has declined sharply since the Taliban regained control in mid-2021, partly due to concerns over human rights, particularly women’s rights, under the Taliban regime.

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