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Achakzai Urges Barrister Gohar to Join PKMAP for Prime Ministerial Vision

Muhammad Khan Achakzai, the leader of the Pashtunkhwa Milli Awami Party (PKMAP), has extended a sincere invitation to Barrister Gohar and other independent candidates, urging them to align themselves with the party’s vision to lead the nation as the Prime Minister.

During a press conference in Quetta, Achakzai emphasized the PKMAP’s dedication to democratic principles and constitutional supremacy. He stressed the significance of upholding the fundamental right of “one man, one vote” in Pakistan, reiterating the party’s unwavering commitment to democratic values.

Expressing dissatisfaction with the recent election outcomes, Achakzai lamented perceived interference and irregularities in the electoral process. Despite being outside the parliament, he asserted that the struggle for democracy and justice would persist, highlighting the Pashtun movement’s goal of establishing a democratic federation.

Achakzai raised concerns about alleged manipulation of election results, particularly in Balochistan, where he claimed that individuals not chosen by the people were elected. Rejecting the idea of accepting seats as charity, he emphasized the people’s right to representation and the significance of their collective power in shaping the nation’s destiny.

In response to perceived injustices, Achakzai announced plans to initiate a protest movement across Balochistan, starting from the office of the Provincial Election Commissioner. He underscored the peaceful nature of the protests, aimed at advocating for the freedom and rights of the people.

Inviting Barrister Gohar and other independent candidates to join the PKMAP, Achakzai highlighted the need for unity and solidarity in advancing the interests of the people. He reiterated the party’s commitment to inclusive governance and called upon like-minded individuals to join their cause in striving for a better future for Pakistan.

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