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a 63-year-old UAE citizen saved several Pakistani And Indian nationals

“While en route to the fishing location, I spotted an individual wearing a life jacket in the distance, being tossed about by the waves. Without hesitation, I hurried to his aid, only to discover that he had nearly drowned and was utterly exhausted. With assistance from fellow fishing workers accompanying me, we successfully rescued him and provided necessary first aid,” shared Issa Muhammad Al Falasi with Gulf News.

The group of individuals saved comprised six Indians and two Pakistanis, totaling ten people on the boat they had rented for a fishing expedition on January 11.

Recounting the rescue operation, Al Falasi mentioned setting sail from Al Hamriyah Port in Dubai at 10 am for a routine fishing trip, accompanied by two workers. While at sea, he noticed a person in a life jacket being carried away by the waves.

Al Falasi increased the speed of his boat, reached the distressed individual, pulled him on board, and administered immediate first aid. To his astonishment, he learned that nine more people were stranded at sea. Lacking phone coverage, Al Falasi initiated a solo search and rescue mission.

In the 30-minute operation, Al Falasi successfully rescued eight survivors. Tragically, two bodies were found afloat and were brought onto his boat.

“I commenced the search mission, lasting about half an hour, in the surrounding area. I located eight frightened and exhausted individuals, providing them with first aid and words of comfort. I then resumed my mission to locate the remaining two,” he detailed.

Once all ten individuals were accounted for, Al Falasi promptly headed to the nearest Coast Guard point, initiating communication with relevant authorities, including Dubai Police and the ambulance service.

A father of four daughters and two sons, Al Falasi has been involved in seafaring since the age of seven.

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