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Visitors holding visit visas in the UAE are recommended to carry more than 300 Dirhams in cash

Tourists planning to visit Dubai on a visit visa are advised to carry a minimum of 3,000 Emirati dirhams in cash, possess a valid return ticket, and furnish proof of accommodation before boarding their flight to the United Arab Emirates.

Tourism agencies have clarified that these stringent entry requirements are being enforced by authorities to ensure compliance. Some passengers have reported being denied boarding at Indian airports due to their failure to meet these entry criteria.

Firoz Maliyakkal, founder and CEO of Tahira Tours and Travels, emphasized that travelers to Dubai must possess a valid visa with a passport valid for at least six months and a confirmed return ticket. He added that authorities are conducting checks to verify travelers’ financial capacity to support their stay in Dubai.

As per the CEO of Tahira Tours and Travels, travelers must have the equivalent of at least 3,000 Emirati dirhams in cash or on a credit card. Alongside, they need to furnish valid proof of accommodation, which could be an address for a relative’s or friend’s residence or a confirmed hotel booking.

Rooh Travel and Tourism’s Libin Varghese highlighted that airport checks are being intensified to ensure the safety of travelers arriving in Dubai and to curb instances of overstaying, which is expected to have a positive impact on the emirate’s tourism sector.

There have been reported cases of travelers being stranded at Dubai airports due to insufficient documentation.

For instance, on May 20, Indian tourist Abhishek was denied entry at Cochin International Airport for his flight to Dubai, where he intended to visit his brother-in-law, Bijesh.

Despite losing money on his Spice Jet flight, airline representatives clarified that they couldn’t intervene, as strict entry requirements were being strictly enforced by authorities. Abhishek is now working to secure additional funds and book new tickets to attempt his journey to Dubai once again to visit Bijesh.

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