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Shiloh Jolie eagerly awaits approval for the petition to remove Pitt surname

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, the 18-year-old offspring of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, anticipates a swift approval for her surname change petition in California, where such requests are readily granted.

Legal analysts foresee a smooth process, barring unexpected obstacles. The petition’s approval seems probable, given California’s liberal stance on name changes, provided they’re not misleading.

While judges maintain discretion, they typically approve straightforward requests like Shiloh’s.

Considering the high-profile nature of her parents and the media attention surrounding the family, Shiloh’s petition could face heightened scrutiny.

However, experts remain optimistic about its outcome, noting the precedent set by similar cases. Shiloh’s desire to drop her father’s surname aligns with her sister Zahara’s choice to adopt their mother’s name for a sorority at Spelman College. Furthermore, Vivienne, another sibling, has professionally utilized the Jolie surname.

Despite ongoing legal battles between Jolie and Pitt over divorce settlements and custody arrangements, Shiloh’s petition remains a separate matter. The divorce, finalized in 2019, continues to involve disputes over custody and shared assets, including a French winery. However, Shiloh’s request for a name change reflects her desire to assert her individual identity, a decision supported by legal experts familiar with California’s lenient approach to such petitions.

A legal specialist unaffiliated with the matter noted that in California, name change requests are typically “liberally granted,” provided they’re not intended to deceive. They emphasized the simplicity of such petitions, stating that judges are almost certain to approve them.

On her 18th birthday, Shiloh initiated the paperwork, seeking to shed her father’s surname in favor of her mother’s maiden name. This echoes a decision by her elder sister, Zahara, who opted for the Jolie surname upon joining a sorority at Spelman College the previous year.

Vivienne, another sibling, has also professionally adopted the Jolie name.

Shiloh’s name change request coincides with an enduring legal dispute between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt concerning their divorce and the custody of their minor children. Although the divorce was finalized in 2019, disagreements persist regarding custody arrangements and the fate of their French winery.

Recent reports suggest that the former couple may be edging closer to a resolution, potentially granting Jolie primary custody of their children.

By opting to embrace her mother’s surname, Shiloh, at 18, follows in the footsteps of her siblings, asserting their individual identities separate from their famous parents’ legacy.

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