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Picture Story: Life Glimpse in Cuba’s Blackout

Picture Story: Life Glimpse In Cuba’s Blackout:

Picture Story: Life Glimpse In Cuba’s Blackout

Electricity is being rationed in Cuba with Daily life being dominated by power outages lasting up to 18 hours a day. This frustrating situation is fueling biggest migration crisis since Cuban revolution.

Most people cook on electric plates previously which they could buy from government at subsidized rates a few years ago. But in the meantime more and more people are switching back to cooking with fire or charcoal because it means they can cook even during the power cuts.

A manicurist cuts her neighbor’s nails while the latter’s son holds the mobile phone as a flashlight.

Tania Schanez often has to hold up a candle to light up the family dinner.

Guests arrived during a blackout to celebrate a birthday. To keep his daughter happy her father rented a generator that runs on petroleum

Nearly every day people spend hours in the dark at the night without reliable electricity. Many residents have lost track of just how much time has gone by. While the boredom hits, people kill the time sipping their drinks on streets.

When air conditioners and fans don’t work many drag their chairs and furniture in the streets for cool breeze and relaxing. The constant adjustment and uncertainty is making life more difficult.

Baracoa a town of some 80,000 inhabitants in Eastern Cuba is divided into two power circuits and powering both at the same time isn’t always possible. And the dwellers cherish the town in colors with lights on.

Courtesy: The article depicted by Sanne Derks is originally published by DW.

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