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paleontologists claim finding fossils of biggest dinosaur

Palaeontologists during an excavation when found 98 million-year-old fossils, at the Candeleros Formation in the Neuquen River Valley in southwest Argentina. — AFP

Scientists in Argentina have discovered a 98-million-years old fossils of a dinosaur. they are claiming that it is the biggest dinosaur fossils ever found.

According to a statement Wednesday from the National University of La Matanza’s CTYS scientific agency, fossilized bones that are found are human-sized pieces that belong to the giant sauropod and are 10-20% larger than those attributed to Patagotitan mayorum, the biggest dinosaur ever identified so far.

Patagotitan mayorum, also from Argentina, weighed in at about 70 tonnes and was 40 metres long, or about the length of four school buses.

Alejandro Otero of Argentina’s Museo de La Plata is working on piecing together a likeness of the new dinosaur from two-dozen vertebrae and bits of pelvic bone uncovered to date.

Otero has published a paper on the unidentified dinosaur for the scientific journal Cretaceous Research, according to the university statement.

The quest for more body parts, buried deep in rock, continues.

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