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Pakistani woman gives birth during the historic storm in UAE

Umber Ali, a Pakistani software engineer, shared her belief in a divine intervention after successfully giving birth to her child through an emergency procedure amidst the significant storm in the United Arab Emirates.

Thankful to the Almighty, along with the dedicated doctors and volunteers, Umber Ali, 33, recounted her story to Gulf News following her hospital release. She expressed, “My precious son not only endured the external turmoil but also managed to overcome the emergency situation that unfolded on Tuesday evening.”

Umber, living with her husband Mohammed Ali, a fellow software engineer, and their four-year-old daughter, shared that her spouse drove them to the hospital where she was receiving consultations. Unfortunately, because of the floods, she had to be moved to Aster Hospital Sharjah in an ambulance for an urgent C-section.

She shared that her baby came earlier than expected on June 7th. Umber mentioned that their family friends made efforts to visit the hospital but were hindered by the flooded roads. Despite this, she expressed heartfelt appreciation for the baby’s safe arrival.

Currently, the newborn boy is being cared for in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) of the hospital. Umber expressed her gratitude towards the volunteers from the Rain Support UAE forum, who quickly helped her return home after her discharge.

Last night, Umber was prepared to leave the hospital, but their car got damaged due to the floodwaters. They reached out to a Rain Support UAE group for help, and a kind couple, like angels, stepped forward to bring them home this morning.

Umber expressed immense gratitude upon arriving, acknowledging the numerous blessings they received. Interestingly, the couple who extended their assistance chose to remain anonymous.

Umber fondly referred to the volunteers as being part of an extended family and sincerely thanked them for their warmth and selflessness. Certain individuals went above and beyond, offering to host them in their homes.

Umber shared that her building remains encircled by water, yet the utilities are fully operational. This information brings her a sense of comfort.

Umber shared that she has yet to find the perfect name for her newborn miracle boy, and she welcomes any name suggestions others might have.

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