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Pakistan-Russia Trade Reaches New Heights as Land Routes Facilitate Breakthrough Fruit Delivery

In a remarkable triumph for cross-border trade, a convoy of National Logistics Cell (NLC) vehicles successfully completed a 6,000-kilometer journey from Sargodha, Pakistan, to Russia, carrying a consignment of Kinnow. This significant milestone in regional trade facilitation involved 16 vehicles, with 14 reaching the city of Derbent and 2 making their way to Grozny upon reaching their destination.

The expedition showcased the NLC’s commitment to fostering economic ties, as the convoy traversed through three countries to enter Russia. The successful venture was not only a testament to efficient logistics but also a positive indicator for potential mutual trade enhancement between Pakistan and Russia.

An essential component of this accomplishment was the newly launched NLC referral service, a groundbreaking development for the agriculture sector. Recognizing the challenge of approximately 40% of fresh agricultural produce spoiling due to inadequate cold chain infrastructure, the reefer service employed ensured that the transported Kinnow remained fresh throughout the extensive journey.

Upon their arrival in Derbent, the convoy received a warm reception from representatives of various organizations. Attendees included members of the International Road Transport Union, Russian Customs officials, Pakistani embassy officials, and local business community members. This celebratory gathering underscored the collaborative success achieved by the NLC in promoting cross-border trade.

The Russian authorities appreciated the efforts of the NLC, acknowledging the potential for increased mutual trade between the two nations. This diplomatic recognition further solidifies the importance of such initiatives in fostering strong economic ties and collaboration between neighboring countries.

Highlighting the NLC’s continued commitment to regional trade, the convoy’s previous endeavors included facilitating the delivery of bananas, meat, and seafood to neighboring countries such as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and China. This consistent dedication to cross-border trade emphasizes the NLC’s role as a key player in strengthening economic bonds across diverse territories.

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