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Pakistan Offers Reassurances to Moscow: No Arms Supply to Ukraine Through Third-Party

ISLAMABAD: Albert Khorev, the Ambassador of Russia to Pakistan, addressed recent reports alleging the supply of Pakistani arms to Ukraine through a third party, stating that such claims are unconfirmed. He emphasized that Islamabad has assured Moscow that no third party will facilitate such transfers. Speaking at a press briefing in the federal capital, the Russian envoy expressed hope for Pakistan to maintain its current policy regarding the matter while highlighting Russia’s appreciation for Pakistan’s independent approach towards the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

During the briefing commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Ukraine revolt, Khorev addressed the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and engaged with Pakistani media on various aspects of the situation. He underscored Russia’s efforts to seek consensus and resolve the conflict diplomatically from the conflict’s outset. However, he noted that Ukraine’s imposing restrictions on consultation with Russia impedes progress towards a resolution.

Khorev raised concerns about the involvement of the US army in clandestine activities in Ukraine, calling for investigations into alleged American military-related experiments. He emphasized that there is no set duration or deadline for ending the Russian armed operation and urged the media to report on the Russia-Ukraine conflict impartially.

Reflecting on events leading up to the conflict, Khorev pointed out that the situation in Ukraine could have been managed ten years ago. However, he noted that Western support for extremist elements in the country exacerbated tensions. He highlighted the events of February 21, 2014, when an agreement between the Ukrainian president and opposition leaders aimed to address the political crisis. Despite the agreement, the opposition’s subsequent actions led to political upheaval, with the US and EU backing the move, further destabilizing Ukraine.

Khorev also referenced the timing of Russia’s operation in Ukraine coinciding with the visit of former Prime Minister Imran Khan to Russia. However, he deemed internal Pakistani affairs as separate from Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

Overall, Khorev’s statements underscored Russia’s stance on the conflict, its appreciation for Pakistan’s diplomatic approach, and its call for impartial reporting on the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

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