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Kyrgyz Government Confirms No Pakistani Students Died in Bishkek Violence

Bishkek Violence

Pakistani authorities in Bishkek confirmed on Saturday that the Kyrgyz government has assured no Pakistani student died in the recent mob violence targeting international students.

The Pakistan Embassy issued a statement affirming that the Kyrgyz Ministry of Internal Affairs has also released press statements asserting that the situation is under control.

Previously, the embassy stated that it had not received any verified reports regarding the alleged deaths and rapes of Pakistani students, despite claims circulating on social media. However, it did acknowledge reports of minor injuries to some Pakistani students.

This embassy response comes in light of violent mob attacks on international students in Bishkek, which erupted following an incident of harassment involving Egyptian female students on May 13.

According to Mohammad Abdullah, a Pakistani medical student in Bishkek, the conflict began when Kyrgyz students harassed Egyptian students, leading to a confrontation and subsequent riots.

Abdullah explained that Kyrgyz students then began attacking foreign students, including Pakistanis, throughout Bishkek. The city’s Interior Affairs Directorate chief refuted the reports of fatalities during the May 13 clashes, labeling them as false.

Local media in Kyrgyzstan reported that a fight between local and foreign students broke out in a hostel on May 13, leading to the detention of at least three foreigners involved in the dispute.

On May 17, locals protested in Bishkek, demanding action against the foreigners involved. Despite the chief of Bishkek’s Interior Affairs Directorate’s requests to end the protest, more locals gathered, leading to several detentions for violating public order.

In response to the unrest, Pakistan’s ambassador to Kyrgyzstan, Hasan Zaigham, advised all Pakistani students to stay indoors until the situation stabilizes.

He assured that the embassy was in constant communication with local law enforcement to ensure the students’ safety. The embassy also issued a public notice detailing the incidents of violence and advising students to remain indoors.

It circulated emergency contact numbers on social media to facilitate communication between the embassy and the students and their families.

The embassy stated that the violence seemed to target all foreign students, not specifically Pakistanis. It had managed to contact over 250 students and their families in Pakistan. The embassy pledged to keep the Pakistani community in Kyrgyzstan and their relatives in Pakistan informed about further developments.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif contacted the Pakistani ambassador, instructing him to provide comprehensive support to the students, including medical facilities for the injured and arrangements for their immediate return to Pakistan.

The government of Pakistan would cover the travel expenses for the injured students. The prime minister emphasized that the government would not abandon the students in this situation and was maintaining communication with the Kyrgyz government.

In a diplomatic move, the Kyrgyz Charge d’Affaires Melis Moldaliev was summoned by the Foreign Office in Islamabad to express Pakistan’s deep concerns over the incidents.

The Pakistani government urged Kyrgyz authorities to take all necessary measures to ensure the safety and security of Pakistani students and citizens in Kyrgyzstan.

The Kyrgyz authorities expressed regret over the violence and pledged to conduct an inquiry and punish the perpetrators.

FO Spokesperson Mumtaz Zahra Baloch shared on social media that the Pakistani ambassador and his team were actively responding to queries from students and their families.

The embassy provided several emergency contact numbers for students to reach out in case of any emergencies, ensuring 24/7 operational support.

Additionally, contact numbers for the Crisis Management Unit at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Islamabad were made available for further assistance.

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