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Is the 10 Bn Tree Tsunami Program (TBTTP) Real? World Bank Agrees To Fund $120mn

Government’s efforts would help boost Pakistan’s resilience against adverse impact of climate change, says World Bank Country Director..

The World Bank approves $120 million for Prime Minister’s Green Stimulus Initiative. The funding may be utilized by Pakistan to boost green jobs for workers who have been laid off due to Covid-19, said World Bank Country Director for Pakistan Najy Benhassine.

Talking to Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Climate Change Malik Amin Aslam on Thursday, he recommended the government to engage unemployed people in the country’s green projects, which were being implemented for conservation and protection of the nature.

Project will enhance the country’s protected area from 13% to 15% by 2023.

Green Stimulus Initiative to the World Bank official, Aslam, said

“World Bank is highly impressed with Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Clean Green Pakistan program and various other eco-friendly projects initiated under his vision, particularly the 10 Billion Tree Tsunami Programme (TBTTP), which is one of the world’s largest,” he said.

“We at the World Bank are mulling over replicating Pakistan’s green initiatives in other countries in different parts of the world.”

Benhassine voiced hope that government’s efforts would help boost Pakistan’s resilience against adverse impact of climate change on health, education, water, energy, agriculture and food security.

The bank official commented,

“It is inspiring that despite limited financial resources, Pakistan launched the Green Stimulus Initiative, which created thousands of green jobs.”

He said that his organisation would utilise financial, technological and knowledge resources to support Pakistan through its expertise and experiences in the overall post-Covid green recovery.

The country director went on to say that the World Bank would enhance investment in green sectors including forestry, environmental protection and climate change resilience through mitigation and adaptation initiatives in the country’s climate vulnerable socioeconomic areas.

Explaining the Green Stimulus Initiative to the World Bank official, Aslam said that it was launched in April 2020 after Covid-19 hit the country and it was aimed at the creation of green jobs for the youth that was laid off due to the closure of business and assorted economic activities.

“This project will help enhance the country’s protected area from 13% to 15% by 2023,” Aslam said.

Both sides vowed to collaborate in combating the aftermath of the global health crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and global warming in various socioeconomic sectors.

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