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Chinese biomass technology to alleviate Pakistan’s energy crisis

According to a report published on Wednesday by China Economic Net (CEN), Pakistan is being introduced to research and technologies on biomass energy and circular agriculture developed by Lanzhou University. This technology will help Pakistan cope with the insufficient energy supply and promote agricultural modernization.

The report says that biomass energy is the energy stored in biomass, which is non-fossil organic materials such as wood, straw, vegetable oils, and wastes from forestry, agriculture, and industry, as well as municipal solid waste.

As an important renewable source of energy, it contains stored energy from the sun. When biomass is burned, the chemical energy in biomass is released as heat.

Lanzhou University, located in Gansu Province in western China where there is drought with little rain, has focused on the development of circular agriculture with innovations in the fields of planting, animal husbandry, and biomass energy over the years.

The fragile ecology in Gansu is quite similar to many areas of Pakistan, which lays the ground for applying related Chinese technologies to Pakistan.

In September 2015, Lanzhou University and Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) established China-Pakistan Biomass Energy Technology R&D and Demonstration Center.

In October 2016, Lanzhou University provided technical training to 20 Pakistani experts from PARC to share the university’s research achievements.

Data from Lanzhou University’s official website shows that the university provided experimental equipment worth RMB 1 million, and PARC provided a 2000-cubic-meter experimental building with Rs. 920 million.

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