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• Parliament to discuss economic matters, PDM rallies, Senate elections • Federal Cabinet approves formation of committee to investigate Broadsheet controversy • Bakhtawar Bhutto’s Mehndi to be held today at Bilawal House • Maryam Nawaz will not attend the wedding • Maulana Fazl ur Rehman has not been invited to Bakhtawar’s wedding • European Parliament takes notice of the DisInfo Lab report of Indian propaganda against Pakistan • IMF predicts Pakistan’s GDP growth for 2020-21 at 1.5% compared to previous year • Pakistan HC, UK consulates discontinue manual visa processing given online visa facility • Crude oil rose 22 cents to $52.83 a barrel • Gold fell $6.50 to $1,944.40 an ounce • PSX:100 Index is up 152 points at 46,440 • Punjab govt. bans Basant celebrations this year: CM Usman Buzdar • Legal measures to be taken against people involved in flying, selling or buying kites and accessories: Buzdar • Sindh establishes 14 Covid vaccine centers, 9 centers set up in Karachi • Malaysian court releases PIA plane over settlement between the two parties • Putin had first telephonic conversation with newly sworn in US President Joe Biden • Chinese donated vaccines to be reached the country shortly: Dr Faisal Sultan • Educational institutions to be reopened on February 1: NCOC • 4 lac health workers registered for vaccine jabs
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    • Covid Updates: 1,563 cases reported while 74 deaths recorded in last 24 hrs
    • Currently, 33,820 cases are active in the country
    • Overall death toll has reached 11,450
    • 2,081 people recovered in last 24 hrs
    • The fatality rate is 2.1% while current recovery rate is 91.2%
    • Pakistan vs South Africa: Second day of 1st Test is ongoing 
    • Fawad Alam scores century against SA
    • US Updates: US to procure 200m additional Covid vaccine doses


can this vaccine protect from new strain?

Unlike bacteria and other pathogens, which multiply on their own, viruses do not reproduce. Viruses mutate. They rely on hijacking the reproductive tools of the cells they infect in order to generate their progeny. Therefore, SARS-CoV-2 is changing into potentially more dangerous strains is natural. The new strain found in the UK was not the only one that mutated, it had been reported that SARS-CoV-2 changed in January 2019 in Beijing for teh first time. Reportedly the virus changed every two months.

However, the results from the blood samples of infected showed that virus can still be neutralized by the immune system. it means that the current vaccines being rolled out around the world can protect people against this strain since the shots were designed to generate similar immune responses in the body.

Ralph Baric, professor or epidemiology, microbiology and immunology at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, who has studied coronaviruses for several decades, says,

“If the public is concerned about whether vaccine immunity is able to cover this variant, the answer is going to be yes.”

That means that for now, the strains that are better at transmitting from one person to another will have the advantage of spreading their genetic code. But as more people get vaccinated and protected against the virus, that may change.

Baric said,

“Selection conditions for virus evolution right now favor rapid transmission. But as more and more of the human population become immune, the selection pressures change. And we don’t know which direction the virus will go.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and chief medical advisor to President-elect Joe Biden says that his teams are keenly studying the new variants to better understand what effect they might have on the disease. They are also closely monitoring how close they might be to causing more severe illness and, more importantly as more people get vaccinated. Also, if the new variants can escape the protection of the vaccines we know work today.

The good news is that if the mutant strains do become resistant to the current vaccines, the mRNA technology behind the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna should enable the companies to develop new shots without the same lengthy developing and testing that the originals required.

“The mRNA platform is eminently flexible to turn around,” said Fauci.

Tracking every change the virus makes will be critical to buying the time needed to shift vaccine targets before SARS-CoV-2 leaps too far ahead for scientists to catch up.

Fauci said

“We are taking (these variants) seriously and will be following them closely to make sure we don’t miss anything.”

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