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British Pakistani Zubair Yousaf faces accusations of assaulting his wife, resulting in tragic loss of their unborn child

The United Arab Emirates is seeking British Pakistani national Zubair Yousaf following a complaint filed by his wife, Gulraz Anjam, alleging assault resulting in the termination of their unborn child.

Gulraz Anjam, a British national and one of several wives of Zubair Yousaf, lodged the complaint with UAE police.

According to her account, in April 2024, Yousaf assaulted her for approximately 30 minutes at a Dubai residence following her inquiries about his relationship with another woman and financial support.

Anjam described enduring physical abuse, including strangulation, dragging, and forced consumption of contaminated water, leading to the miscarriage of their five-month-old fetus. She urged authorities to arrest and prosecute Yousaf under local laws.

Anjam also provided detailed accounts of Yousaf’s criminal history, alleging involvement in fraudulent activities, ties to extremist organizations such as Daesh and Taliban militants, and various criminal cases in Pakistan and the UK. Yousaf’s criminal activities reportedly extended to murder plots, falsified documents, and forced property occupation.

Police in Rawalpindi and Islamabad confirmed Yousaf’s status as a wanted individual, citing his involvement in serious crimes including murder conspiracies, violent attacks, banking fraud, money laundering, and terrorism-related activities. Anjam expressed her determination to seek justice and prevent further harm to others, submitting evidence from the UK, UAE, and Pakistan documenting Yousaf’s criminal activities.

According to Anjam’s complaint, Yousaf has a history of marrying multiple women, having married approximately eight women and fathering between 10-12 children. He reportedly maintains marital relations with three of his wives while abandoning the others.

Anjam’s plea emphasizes the urgency of apprehending Yousaf to prevent further harm and ensure justice for victims.

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