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American Ships and Warplanes Sent to Aid Israel Amidst Hamas Conflict

Hamas Conflict

US President Joe Biden has directed the deployment of US ships and warplanes to the eastern Mediterranean to express support for Israel, which is currently embroiled in a fierce conflict with the Palestinian resistance group Hamas.

The US Pentagon has declared that it will dispatch the aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford and its accompanying warships to the region, along with additional fighter aircraft squadrons.

This move follows a surprise attack by Hamas on Israel, resulting in hundreds of casualties on both sides.

The United States, a major arms supplier to Israel, has rapidly reaffirmed its backing for the country in the aftermath of the recent attacks.

President Biden has committed to providing unwavering support to Israel and cautioned other parties to refrain from involvement in the conflict.

In an official statement, the White House disclosed that Biden had communicated with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and conveyed that additional assistance for the Israeli Defence Forces is en route to Israel, with more to follow in the coming days. The statement also mentioned discussions about efforts to prevent any potential exploitation of the current situation by Israel’s adversaries.

President Biden has also pledged full support for the Government and people of Israel in the face of an unprecedented and appalling assault by Hamas terrorists.

Moreover, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is currently witnessing its most significant escalation in decades and has claimed over 600 lives on the Israeli side and 370 lives on the Palestinian side.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has declared the country’s readiness for an extended war and has deployed tens of thousands of Israeli forces to confront the remaining Hamas forces while preparing for a potential ground offensive in Gaza.

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